Friday, May 19, 2006

Still no pictures

Well, last Sunday (Happy Mother's Day, BTW) I did a silly thing. I had finished Mom's socks and Saturday night I knit up a quick wool bowl (varigated blue and green) and felted it. The bowl became a sort of "gift bag" for the socks. Mom loved them both. These are the first pair of socks I made for her and she couldn't stop raving about them. However, I forgot to take pictures of either item before giving them to her. So, it will be a few days until I can get up to the farm and correct my error.

I am currently conflicted (knit-wise). I need to finish the Phyll socks (I am mid-foot on the first one), and make two other pairs of socks by Father's Day (4 weeks away). I am also trying to work on and finish some of the larger projects in the UFO pile on the weekends and save the socks for the work week. AND, I joined the Amazing Lace Challenge.

I of course do not do something like that the easy way (pick a pattern). No, I've got to be artsy-fartsy and decide to design my own shawl. What was I thinking??? The only "lace" I've ever done is your basic YO, K2tog, repeat ad naseum....

I designed the sweaters I made for my boys for Christmas last year but they were all simple drop shoulder things. The design element was the stripes....can we say simple stuff. Of course, I had been knitting for less than a year so it was actually a pretty big deal for me.

I modified a "capelet" pattern into my own cape design recently. It is almost off the needles. It is the aformentioned YO, K2tog lace made out of a cashmere blend with a novelty yarn accent and a button I made myself out of Sculpy. While I like it, designing it was nothing like creating a where's the graph paper?? (Oh, and I have never worked from a chart let alone draft one....YIKES!!)

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