Saturday, May 06, 2006

This and that...

I am daring to defy my normal tendencies (ADD) to work on way too many projects at one time and just do the "Mother's Day Socks". So far, so good...swatching a lace pattern doesn't really count as working on a "project". Does it? Anyway, the first sock was finished in 3 1/2 days. I am now about 3 inches down the leg on the second sock. I am hoping to finish them by Tuesday. That would be exactly one week for a pair of socks. Since I have estimated that EACH sock has about 11,000 stitches that is not too shabby...22,000 stitches in 7 days or about 3,100 stitches a day. Okay, now my hands hurt just thinking about it.

The DH, (who after reading a post here says to me in THAT voice, "I guess DH stands for Damn Husband". To whom I explained that it is supposed to mean "Dear" but Damn will do just fine too.) the teenager, and the midget making a new flower bed and some of the Clematis from the other side of the house...

While we were outside, one of our neighbors was out for a walk with Trixie, an eleven year old Cockatoo. He was kind enough to stop and talk to us and let us all (even the Midget) pet her!!

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