Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Cherry Picking

Max (the teenager) and Addison (the hubby) picking sour cherries in the back yard. This is the view from Max and Carter's window.

Too high for me to help (darn) since the ladder only holds two.

Max!! Whos fourteenth birthday (Ohmygod I can't believe he's fourteen...where does the time go???) is TODAY! He was born on the Fourth of July and came home from the hospital on the 6th...our 2nd anniversary. Talk about an expensive anniversary present! He is my firecracker.

Here is Jake (the mighty midget) with Dad. I would say he was helping but someone once told me you can get in trouble for telling a lie. He was just looking for a good photo op.

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  1. Great family pictures!!! I'm jealous wish I had a couple of cherry trees. Are you making pies with your cherries?