Sunday, July 15, 2007

Women's Roles

I was absolutely flabbergasted when I read Stephanie's post titled "Just Keep Your Mouth Shut". I started to send e-mails to my state senators and decided instead to call their local offices Monday morning and then follow up with e-mails.

Yesterday we had to take Jake to the local emergency room. Addison was outside taking apart an old section of fence that he is going to reassemble in a different part of the yard. He hammered out a slat, it went sailing up into the air, and came down (nail point first) on Jake's little head. There was blood everywhere. We applied pressure and it had stopped bleeding before we could get out the door but we went anyway.

Jake was a real trooper. He took his little doctor bag with him. He answered their questions about where his boo-boo was. He didn't cry (or even fuss for that matter). And, he waited patiently with us.

After they showed us into an exam area and we were finally waiting for a doctor, Jake pipes up that when the doctor gets there, he is going to talk to HER and ask HER questions. It took me a moment to process what he had said and meant. My unrully, obnoxious when in his own home, beast of a 3 year old ASSUMED the doctor would be a WOMAN!! Our regular family doctor is a man so, where he got this I'll never know. I was so proud of him that I got teary eyed (of course, that's not unusual).

I tried to explain to him that there was a time when women weren't allowed to be doctors and he gave me that look. If you have kids, you know the one. Where he doesn't believe a word I am saying and I must be making this up for some strange parental reason.

Anyway, that's about it for today. I finished the multi-colored Regia socks for me. Made a pair from the leftover yarn for Jake, made a collar for the cat from the still leftover yarn. I still have a tiny ball is the neverending yarn.

I finished the Lemonade sock that was on the DPs and am on the toe decreases of it's mate (done on one long circ). So far, I can't tell the difference between them except for the swearing I am NOT doing on the second one that I did with the first...

I think I am going to try to finish ALL of the socks (including mates) that I already have on needles before I cast on any new ones. When I finish this Lemonade, I will be down to 3 (well, 4 technically since only the first one of the pair for my mom is started). I'm going to try but I doubt I'll manage to do it. Just typing this makes me want to cast on something new...


  1. Suzanne8:15 PM

    Jake's assumption is so fantastic I can barely contain myself. The only time I've gotten the look from PeachPit (4.5 years) was when I'd told her that she'd eaten jellyfish (true - at dim sum).

  2. I live behind the Midtown cinema in the Burg. Wouldn't mind getting together. Possibly we can find Cat.

  3. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Hope you get this or that someone else has answered your question on Stephanie's blog - where is Rhinebeck? It's in NY, up the Hudson from NYC, but not as far as Albany. Pretty country. World class wool orgy there yearly. Have fun.

    dee near Berkeley

  4. Susan, I booked a room with a king size bed for Rhinebeck, but The Husband decided that he should keep on making money. I would love to navigate rather than drive (I do have directions). I lost your email addy. Send me a note.