Wednesday, July 04, 2007


This is all of them. I currently have five socks on the needles. And still, I want to start more. I seem more immune than most to the finishitis virus. This resistance also leaves me extremely vulnerable to the startitis bug that plagues the knitting community. Thankfully it's not fatal (to knitters...marriages and sanity are other issues).

These two are yarn I dyed. The one on the left is one I am particularly proud of. If for no other reason than it is the first time I have managed to dye something subtlely. It is called "Lemonades" (I used Kool-aid lemonade and pink lemonade). I know, not very creative but what the heck, the creativity is in the dying, not the naming. It was done in such a way as to have no true repeat of the colors. The one on the right is called "English Garden". It was supposed to be a masculine colorway. I used icing food coloring in black, blue, green, and brown. The lesson here is that the black food coloring is comprised of a magenta, a blue, and a green. When the food color hits anything wet it breaks down to the individual colors...they are gorgeous...however, the only one that 'sticks' to the yarn is the hot pink! Used in a stronger concentration and left on longer yielded a sort of lavender-grey. So, the 'masculine' yarn became "English Garden". With the olive greens and bits of brown combined with the pinks and bits of blue a garden is the only thing that comes to mind. The Lemonade socks are for me, the garden socks are for my sister.

I am doing the Lemonade ones on double points just to prove to myself that I can (and I couldn't find a sock circ at the time). For the record I hate knitting this way! For me it is like wrestling a porcupine! I started out on the typical 3 needles using the 4th to knit. I am used to thinking of my socks (and counting my stitches) in quarters. So, I switched to using 5 needles so I could keep each quarter seperate. I am past the decreases and knitting into the black hole. My biggest decission now is when I do the 2nd sock, do I make them the same and continue to torture myself or do I (happily) switch to a circ and then compare the results? I think we all know what I am going to do...anything in the name of science.

These are for Addison. I like the way the yarn is pooling on the rib sections. This is the first time I have carried a ribbing down the whole foot (sole side too). I like it but it is a pain in the hindparts.

This is more of the yarn from Loop that is Mom's. This is the same pattern (from the Schaeffer web site) that I used for Dad's socks that were knit with Anne yarn from Schaeffer. It is a simple k2, p2 twisted rib stitch. Every 4th row you use a right twist stitch instead of the k2. On Dad's socks I carried this stitch down the top of the foot. This time, when I get to the foot I am just going to make it plain.

These will be short socks for me. I love the colors but didn't realize the repeat is so short. Hopefully because I am making these with a short cuff I will have enough left over yarn to make Jake a pair too. He's growing like a weed and so his socks are taking more yarn. Mental note, stop feeding the kids or start buying more yarn....Hmmmmm

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