Saturday, May 19, 2012


at one time or another
another heartache suffered
pain unintentionally inflicted
is the most gut-wrenching pain of all

no frontal assault, no violence
quick pain shocks emotions
his noncommittal indifference
soul shattering knife attack

words in the wind no love lost here
cold winter wind cunt lying in wait
sirens song twines round his soul
lover lost teased from my embrace

hidden deception hidden motive
even the truth from future actions
as they become past proofs
eludes intellectual pursuits

the ease between lovers and friends
is not so easy now
when my love is not mine
rather friends at arms length

the distance between sharp
and flat is the universe
the unseeing of his eyes
the ignorance of a lifetime

calling attention to opportunistic deception
deemed unworthy, unseemly, Sssshhh.
tolerating evil's betrayal painlessly
so much easier than fighting for truth

defeated I hang my head
wondering why he can't see
 the blood trail that winds
from my heart to the knife in her hand.

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