Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I'm Sorry

none of us is perfect
we do our best
putting one foot in front of the other
pushing on while hoping for happiness

we make so many mistakes
big, not so big, and just plain silly
but if we're lucky
we learn some lessons along the way

lessons about the specific things
but more importantly
how to say, "I'm sorry"
those words some never learn

words I have etched in my heart
words I use often because I know
what it's like 
to never hear them

we learn lessons about forgiveness
about forgiving ourselves our own faults
and forgiving those who hurt us most
so that we can move on and heal

we learn how very fragile
we all are
and how elusive
happiness really is

and then we push on again
doing our best
to find happiness
without having to say, "I'm sorry"

knowing that we are human
and so very flawed
and that it will one day be necessary
to say those words again

I work to put as many days as possible
between those instances
working harder at getting stronger
at being the best me possible

and in the meantime, I say it yet again
for a time when I didn't make the best choices
for hurting you, and me, and others
"I'm sorry"

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