Sunday, May 20, 2012

Making Memories

Is it reminiscing if you are alone?
Or, do you need an audience
to tell those stories to?
And does it count 
when the memories
are not so very old?

I look back on the reminders,
of you and us;
words written in joy and tears,
written every time 
I think of you
and all you mean to me.

There are no bad memories
unless you count the sorrow
of separation.
I read the words you've written to me
and the ones I've written to you 
and I smile.

I am filled with hope
for all that is in my future.
The memories don't make me look back in longing;
they teach me to look forward 
to finding love some day.
You have taught me this.

We will continue to make memories together,
encouraging each other to be our best.
You are my rock, my best friend.
So as I fondly look back on these memories
I also look forward 
to the ones we have yet to make.

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