Monday, May 14, 2012


One of the things I realized today
Is that it's possible
To miss the idea of a person
More than the person themself

Memory is a selective
And fickle thing
Some people are blessed
With only remembering the good times

Some are cursed
With just the bad
And some of us
Have a little of each

There are things I miss
That I missed
Even when we were still together
So that's a different kind of pain

Those are things
That went to the top of the list
Of things I want and need
In my life again

My memory is faulty
That is a big part of
Why I hold on to things
Seemingly useless things

And now, as I get rid of
More and more of those things
It feels like I'm also
Getting rid of the memories

And I wonder
If that's a good thing
Or a bad thing
Or just the way it goes

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