Sunday, May 06, 2012

Time to Get Out of Bed

Laying in bed on a quiet Sunday morning
Completely at peace
Trying to puzzle out
How to write what I need to say
To expose myself
And my actions
That were so wrong
And yet, so right

Tears streaming down my face
That I brush aside
Only when they impede
My ability to write
Tears of frustration
Not grief
Because to write about
My moment of impasse
And the men who helped me
Gain the strength to deal with it
By loving me, supporting me,
Telling me I could do anything
If I only believe, trust myself
Have faith in myself and my abilities
Oh, and work my ass off
Would only cause those I love
The same pain I've just come through

So, instead of staying here
Frustrated with my inability
To convey in words
The truth I and they already know
I guess I'll just get on
With the working my ass off part
And enjoy the fact
That my moment of impasse
Is no longer in front of me
But is now in the rearview mirror
And getting smaller by the day

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