Saturday, June 02, 2012

I Believe

I believe in love at first sight
but not happily ever after
people constantly change
and forever is a very long time

I believe in loving many
because one person
can not be everything
for another

I believe I am far from perfect
and I will do my best
to forgive you your flaws
if you forgive me mine

I believe in heaven
because I've felt it in your embrace
and hell is any time
that I'm away from you

I believe in art for art's sake
in finger painting with children
in letting go of self restraint
and pretending no one is watching

I believe children have all the answers
and we could learn so much
if only we first learn to let ourselves
be child-like again

I believe in words
and the power of saying
"I'm sorry"
and "I love you"

But mostly I believe in you

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  1. I believe .....
    your words speak loudly
    as they travel from your heart