Friday, June 01, 2012

The Depth of You

Laughter sits
lightly on my lips
tumbling off
every time you make me smile

I am powerless
against your charisma
happily locked in your embrace
bound soul to soul

I carry music in my heart
its thumping rhythm
pulsing life through my veins
as I sing to you

The vastness of all creativity
is my universe
as I explore infinity
in the depth of you


  1. I LOVE your word choice. I'm a sucker for that and for voice. I like to make "found" poems using favorite lines. I "haikuicised" yours. (please don't be offended. your poem is both beautiful and inspiring).

    As I sing to you
    I explore infinity's
    charismatic depth

  2. How could I ever be offended that I have inspired another? I am humbled.