Tuesday, June 19, 2012

On the High Wire

Every day
From that first moment
Of almost consciousness
To the bookended instant
When I finally let go
And sink into the blackness
I waver between okay
And not

Taking one cautious step
After another
Feeling my way along
Terrified that I will lose my footing
And fall into the abyss

I used to have a net
But I got better at this
Or so he tells me
This high wire act of sanity stepping

I shouldn't look down
But I have to
Just to assure myself
That I'm still safely up above

I've fallen many times
But my net was always there
To catch me
Before I hurt myself

The trick now is noticing
That instant before I wobble
To stop myself before I slip
I can't afford to fall again
Now that I'm on my own

I slowly work my way
Across the chasm
Inch by agonizing inch
Wondering what or who I will find
When I reach the end
And safety
And will it have been worth
This circus stunt existence.

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