Thursday, June 28, 2012


I lift my eyes to the sky
Closing them in pleasure
As the warmth of a new day
A day of promise and possibility
Washes over me

I lift my hands
To those needing a hand up
Some days I am that person too
Can we all help each other?

I lift my heart
Glad for all the opportunities
This life gives me
Day in and day out
I am grateful for so much

I lift up my voice
In words and melodies
Celebrating each moment
That I have with you

My trials are small
Compared to so many
My burdens light
I have an abundance of riches
That I am thankful for
Each and every day

My greatest wishes
Are that I continue
To learn and grow
To have grace and compassion
To do better each day
And have humility on those days
When I am not all that I should be

Lift up your eyes and your hands
Your hearts and your voices
With me
That we may help each other
Love each other
And experience all of the joy
And wonder
That this world holds for us

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