Sunday, June 17, 2012

One More Promise

Razor blades slowly slicing
Ribboning skin
Sadistic zebra stripes of blood
Couldn't hurt worse

Crying doesn't help
There aren't enough tears
To wash away this pain
Without drowning

Trying to hold it all in
Hold yourself together
So confused, so scared
Where do you go from here?

You take one breath at a time
Slowly, in AND out
Then you take another
And you let each breath heal you

You let go and let friends catch you
We won't let you down
We have strength enough to share
Now is when you take

Some of us have been where you are now
I have been there
To hell and back
I can give you the 10 cent tour

It took time
For me to understand
That I am loved
And lovable.

You, my dear friend, are loved
You are infinitely lovable too
This is just a shitty time
But time passes and this will too

We are here for you
I am here for you
If you don't think you can lean on us
We will pick your ass up and carry you

But if you make me carry you
Cause you know I will if I have to
After we get to the other side
I'll kick you in it.

Just one more promise
Along with the one where I promise
You will be okay
Because we will make sure of it

I promise.
I love you.

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