Thursday, June 14, 2012

On Base

Remember when we were kids
And a game of tag
Was endless fun
On a summer evening?

The stately oaks that gave us shade
Were put to use as bases too

There were four
Or was it five?
Guarding the corners of our lawn
With lots of running room between

We would wait until whoever was 'It'
Looked the other way
And then sprint, as fast as our little legs could carry us
To a different base

A safe zone
My heart pounding out of my chest
Panting for air

It was here that I regrouped
Here I caught my breath

I think of this game
And that feeling of safety
And security
And catching my breath after taking a chance

As I touch base with you
After venturing out into the world
Playing grown up games now
Still needing time on base to breathe

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