Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Anniversary & a trip to CREATE South

Yesterday marked the 4th anniversary of this blog.  I can't believe that it's still going strong.  There were a lot of moments (like all of 2008) when I thought, "Why bother?" and almost closed it down.  But the biggest reason this is here in the first place is to make me put my thoughts down and examine them.  From the mundane to the sublime.  And, at the four year mark I feel like I am just starting to really do that.  It feels like I am just beginning.  I guess that is a good thing in many ways.  I could do with out the new kid feeling when it comes to all of the tech stuff but *sigh* I guess we take the good with the bad.

This weekend is going to be a whole lot of good.  I'm heading south for a few days.  To a one day conference called "CREATE South".  This is the 3rd year for the conference, my first attending.  I'm really nervous about stepping out of my comfort zone and going somewhere completely foreign to me.  But I am also really excited to meet in person some of the people I have been talking to on twitter for a while now.

I am hoping to meet a lot of great people, put some faces to the twitter names, and learn as much as possible about the changing world of technology  and social media and how it all relates to the arts and my yarn business. 

I'm taking the camera and the blackberry (like I ever leave either of them at home) and an open mind.  Hopefully, I'll have lots of cool stuff to share when I get back in a few days.

So, time to hit the road.....

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