Friday, April 09, 2010

I've Said It All Now

Often when I care
I wear my heart on my sleeve
and I'm hard to take.

Given willingly
my heart beating in your hands
please hold it gently. 

I hate when we fight
and where is my make-up sex?
Shut up and kiss me! 

You turn away now
as I watch you go I cry
I whisper, "Sorry".

The feel of your touch
breaks the law of gravity
all I need to fly.

I am jealousy.
I lash out. Green monster me.
It just means I care. 

I swear I'll shut up
If you just hold me tightly
say, "I forgive you".

The feel of your lips
placed gently on my forehead
says everything. 

A new day begins.
Can we try to start over?
Do it right this time.

Certain parts of mine
crave a connection to yours
I belong with you. 

Any thing you want
I lay myself at your feet
Use me up, Baby.

I've said it all now
I love you and I'm sorry
That should cover it.

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