Saturday, April 03, 2010

Which Would You Chose? And Why?

People are creative in so many ways.  I do a lot of creative things with sticks and string.  But I also dabble in and enjoy a lot of other things.  I take photographs.  I make photographs.  Every great once in a while I play music.  Myself.  Besides playing the radio or a CD.  I sing (mostly by myself in my car alone but every once in a while to Jake at bedtime.  (I sang to Max and Carter too).  I doodle.  I draw.  I sketch.  I cook.  I write.  

Each of these creative exercises is an attempt be me to express myself in some way.  Each comes with its own inspiration.  It was this inspiration that got me to thinking.  That and trying to get a podcast onto my blackberry for the umteenth time.  I know a number of people who I would classify as both writers and actors.  Actors in the sense that they produce podcasts of their written work.  Most of these individuals are first and foremost writers and if asked to chose between the two wouldn't hesitate to say that they are a writer.  The podcast is merely another way of getting their work out there and making it accessable to an audience.  There are a few for whom I think the question may be more difficult.

And so I wondered.  If given an impossible choice between your own creativity with no inspiration or all the inspiration with no outlet for your own creativity which would someone choose?

So, for the writers:  If you had to chose between being able to read any/all of the written word but never being able to write so much as another syllable yourself OR being able to write to your heart's content but never being able to have anyone else read your stuff or read anything else ever again which would you chose?

For the dual writer/podcaster:  What if you could become famous as an actor?  Always/only performing words written by someone else.  Would you give up writing forever for the fame of performing?  Or, what if you could write but no one else could ever read your words?

As a yarn dyer/spinner my question to myself was what would I choses between being able to knit anything I want with anyone else's yarn but never being able to create my own yarn in any way OR if I could dye/spin to my heart's content but could never share it or anything else fiber related with anyone else.

There are really two pieces to these puzzles.  The first part is about individual expression.  The second part is about sharing a love of something with the rest of the world.  Ideally they form a balanced equation.  But what would happen if you had to give up one side?  Which would you keep?  Which would you lose?  Why?


  1. I would always go with the creativity and let whatever happens happen. After all, some of our best writers and/or artists were not known in their lifetimes.

  2. An impossible choice. I would write though.