Thursday, March 15, 2012


I suffer from insomnia
I've tried warm milk 
that reminds me of my great, great aunt
and how she made that for me when I was a little girl

I've tried sleeping pills
not the kinds that come with the warnings
that you may do things in your sleep
you wouldn't normally drive
but the kind that are the PM in Tylenol PM
run-of-the-mill Benadryl

I've tried having a beer
I can't even say, "or two"
cause I never get past the first one
but even a drink doesn't do the trick for me

I toss and turn
it's one thing or another
I wake up sweating and then I'm freezing
but the answer is not the thermostat
or the bedding, or my nightclothes, or lack thereof
it doesn't matter what tricks or remedies I try

The thing I need to sleep through the night
is you pressed up against me
an arm over me, around me, holding me
to be sated and spent by you

So, to say I suffer from insomnia
is really to say I miss you
so very, very much
and sleeping without you 
just doesn't seem worth the effort

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