Sunday, March 18, 2012


I have lists a mile long
My lists have lists
Broken down by category
And sub-category

Bills and more bills
Necessary evils like taxes
And cleaning
Always cleaning

Then there's the lists for wishful thinking
That serve no purpose
Other than to keep me from screaming
And help distract
An already distracted mind
From the lists that matter

There are days
Let's face it; hours and moments really
When the lists don't motivate
They depress
And when that happens
My apathy becomes palpable

I know that when I fight the desire
To curl up in a ball
And hide from the world
Three more things are adding themselves
To a list somewhere.

I can hear them
Taunting me
Daring me to cross them off
Wipe them out of existence

Meh, maybe tomorrow

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