Friday, March 09, 2012


I know of joys
Like touch and taste
Like feel
And cum
And kiss
But when those things are gone
All that's left are words

That let me spew my thoughts
My every desire
Words that let me cry my pain
In ways that don't involve
Loud bangs
Or hot lead

Words that you listen to
Without comment
Or concern
The only sound I hear
Besides the voices in my head
Are the echos of my words
Sine waving back at me

The mathematical representation
Of my every spoken word
Moving through space
To touch things
Not people

Emotionless wave
Surfing over time
It's all math
All numbers and science
All of my emotions
Come down to chemicals
Equations of happiness
Unsolved problems of pain
Of me

But to explain the science
We still need words
Not gods
Or figureheads
Just thoughts and feelings
Insufficiently expressed
In words

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