Saturday, March 03, 2012

Thank You

When I thought I was at the bottom
you held me through the pain
gave me words
and music
set my soul free

And when I kept sinking
lower than I could imagine
you were the knot
at the end of my rope
that I held on to for dear life

A nervous cat had nothing on me
I trembled at the slightest sound
your voice calmed the storm
chased the demons
told me I would make it through

I believed in you
even when I didn't believe in me
you were always right
so smart, so strong
the answer to my questions

Now I'm so much stronger
no longer afraid
of what the future holds
and still I have the music
now I sing the words

I've let go of the pain
free to dance happily
you are always there for me
friends no matter what 
the future holds

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