Monday, March 12, 2012

Joyously Celebrating

When you came into my life
I awoke from a long slumber
I had been world weary
For so long
Soul tired and uninspired
In a misty grey fog
You lifted the veil
That hung in front of me
Kissed away the apathy
Held me in your arms
And made love to me
Until my heart sang
With you I made a discovery
I found the woman
I was meant to be
Full of hope and joy
Laughter and love
I found my voice
Now the words flow out
In rivers and torrents
Passions promise unleashed
In syllables and sounds
Lifting me soaring
As my words take flight
Spreading my wings
Arching skyward
Soaring as you touch me, take me
And the words flow out
Joyously celebrating life
And love.

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